Why does she need two lights?

The contents of my bag. Blog post with explanation to follow.

I was trying to find something this morning and ended up dumping out my bag to look for it.  Well, I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I decided to do one of those “This is what is in my bag” picture posts, because I know I am always deeply curious about the contents of everyone’s pockets.

So… here it is.

Going roughly clockwise from the upper left-hand corner:

-The bag in question, covered by:
– a wool knit cap
– a hairbrush
– my iphone case standing in for the iphone that was taking the photo [I have another one in LCARS. Gotta represent, y’all.]
– my kindle [in the green leather case, by Oberon Design.]
– some sweet shades
– two wallets [one for holding checks and other stuff I rarely use, and the other is a mens bi-fold for holding the good stuff that I can throw in my pocket (or let’s be real: my bra.) when I don’t want the whole bag.]
– a graphic novel
– 4 mascaras [it’s possible I have a problem.] [the clinique water-proof is my current day-to-day favorite, but I prefer the wand for the too faced lash injection and the organic wear is great for really dramatic eyes. The define-a-lash is my old day-to-day brown, that has been replaced by the clinique and I haven’t taken it out yet.] [what.]
– book light [the purple thing]
– pepper spray
– inhaler [better not get those two mixed up!]
– purell
– zantac
– re-wetting drops
– chapstick
– pocket knife
– flashlight
– keys
– reusable bag
– another graphic novel

And that’s all for the moment.  Normally there’s a notebook and a plethora of writing instruments, but I was using them at home the other day and I forgot to put them back.  Cool story, bro.


So, I finally grew up and got my dream desk this weekend. It’s DELIGHTFUL. Also, enormous.

Achievement unlocked: dream desk.

It’s from Ikea! It tilts! And it’s got a broad, clean surface so I can sew and tinker and build things and destroy things and it is easy to clean [SUPER important] and I am just so happy I could burst.

Who else here has their grown-up dream desks set up? Whats your favorite part? Show me pictures!

iSight is a hell of a drug.

I made this, using iMovie. 338 stills, set to .1 second each.

It was a lot of fun! After an happy accident whilst opening a single one, every picture in my Photobooth album flashed across the screen. I thought they looked neat and decided to put them together into a collage.

Music is “People’s Playground Version A” by Vampire’s Sound Incorporation. If you can get your hands on their album “Vampyros Lesbos – Sexadelic Dance Party” I highly recommend it.

Warren Ellis is the coolest ever.

So, guess whose photo got used as a Station Ident on Warren Ellis Dot Com?



Hells. Yeah. I love the internet.

If you don’t know who Warren Ellis is, I urge – nay, INSIST that you start reading the weekly webcomic he writes: Freakangels. Art by the indescribable Paul Duffield.

I still can’t believe it. I keep thinking he must have been hacked…



blah blah twitter blah blah.

I want to blog, but I don’t want to complain about my bad day, which is all I can think of to blog right now, so I’ll just paste all of my tweets from the month of November instead. All I took out were my replies.

Oh, and I have no idea how to put this behind a cut. You’re welcome. [eta: I totes figured out jumps, so you’re welcome AGAIN.]

    1. I just keep watching over nad over…http://www.yooouuutuuube.com/v/?rows=16&cols=16&id=pAwR6w2TgxY&startZoom=1 6:38 PM Nov 30th from Chirp
    2. I held my hair up all day with a pen! \o/ 6:07 PM Nov 30th from Chirp
    3. Would you rather [Daniel Jackson remix]: Be stuck in 3000BC, die of radiation poisoning, or stabbed by a replicator? 12:34 PM Nov 30th from web
    4. I just generated a #TweetCloud out of a year of my tweets. Top three words: love, coffee, okay – http://w33.us/3sd7 12:05 PM Nov 30th from Tweet Cloud
    5. Okay, so, if the combined bulk of my wallet and phone are all that’s keeping my pants up, maybe it’s time to buy a belt? 8:34 AM Nov 30th from web
    6. Lester is sleeping on my chest and I dun wanna moooove. Why is Baltimore not right here? 5:24 PM Nov 29th from Chirp
    7. My Momma is making me grilled cheese. YAYE MOM SAMMICHES! 3:36 PM Nov 29th from Chirp
    8. Zombie Strippers is truly a feat of cinematographic wonder. 11:31 PM Nov 28th from Chirp
    9. Napping in sunbeams with my dog. Loff Delaware. 11:32 AM Nov 28th from Chirp
    10. It’s very quiet, all of a sudden. I miss the fellas! 10:10 AM Nov 28th from Chirp
    11. Have had 2 1/2 cups of coffee, 4 glasses of water, and a root beer, for no real reason. #totallyhavetopee #wtfwasithinking #toomanyfluids 1:18 PM Nov 27th from web
    12. How would you rather go: Blaze of glory [create your own scenario], accidental land-mine, or faulty parachute? 9:12 AM Nov 27th from web
    13. Happy black friday, I’m at work and someone brought in donuts! At least I’m not in retail! 9:04 AM Nov 27th from web
    14. Oh god so much food and family. I love thanksgiving SO MUCH. 5:44 PM Nov 26th from Chirp
    15. It’s a thanksgiving madhouse here! YAYE FOODZ. 11:44 AM Nov 26th from Chirp
    16. RT: NatlAquarium Safer in water than on land, cows kill nearly 10 times as many humans as sharks do! 9:49 AM Nov 24th from TweetDeckRetweeted by you and 8 others
    17. Had my coffee straight-away this morning, so things haven’t been as interesting. 9:08 AM Nov 25th from web
    18. Which would you rather survive: Zombie Apocalypse, Robot Uprising, or Nuclear War. Why? 2:44 PM Nov 24th from web
    19. I sort of want to learn how to shoot. Not for any nefarious purposes, but just to be able to say that I can. Guns terrify me, tho. 10:59 AM Nov 24th from web
    20. a woman in the hall keeps making incredulous “whew” noises AND IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY. SHUT UP SHUT UP. Oh, I haven’t had coffee yet… >.> 8:26 AM Nov 24th from web
    21. Was just asked for a fork, and when I said no, they asked how I eat my lunch. I wanted to say face-down in the bowl, but she walked away. 3:50 PM Nov 23rd from web
    22. I has a Coca-Cola. Ahhhhhhhh. The day is worth living again. <3 12:24 PM Nov 23rd from web
    23. Dreamed last night that @jsmooth995 was swinging me around in circles by my arm and leg. Bzuh?7:51 AM Nov 23rd from web
    24. http://twitpic.com/qkyp3 – Lester is the coziest. 9:04 PM Nov 22nd from TwitPic
    25. didn’t do a damn thing today, and it was delicious. 8:24 PM Nov 22nd from Chirp
    26. After exhaustive research [two nights of playing], I have concluded that I am better at Guitar Hero than I am at Rock Band. Carry on. 10:43 AM Nov 22nd from Chirp
    27. Just spilled Chicken Badam Pasanda on my sweater, shirt, AND my pants. Guess I’m not wearing this out later! 4:17 PM Nov 21st from Chirp
    28. RT: NatlAquarium So much more to love! An octopus has three hearts. 12:02 PM Nov 19th from TweetDeckRetweeted by you and 3 others
    29. FREE BAGELS WOT. Loff today. 10:20 AM Nov 20th from web
    30. RT: ess_jay What I do in between calls . . . http://yfrog.com/4e47kj 7:12 PM Nov 19th from TweetieRetweeted by you
    31. Oh my god, that first sip of coffee in the morning is just too amazing to put into words. #totallyaddicted 8:10 AM Nov 20th from web
    32. So annoyed that I missed the broomball victory! I did make pie, though. That’s a win, right? 12:14 AM Nov 20th from Chirp
    33. Was just frustrated again in my quest for a mocha by a broken cappuccino machine! Clearly I am not meant to enjoy chocolate-coffee goodness! 2:41 PM Nov 19th from web
    34. Just called housekeeping re: an empty hand-sanitizer dispenser. Felt like I was turning in a fugitive. 2:04 PM Nov 19th from web
    35. Want a mocha so baaaaad. Must. Save. Money. Is it lunch yet? 9:55 AM Nov 19th from web
    36. I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I would totally volunteer for a one-way mission to Mars. 9:36 PM Nov 18th from web
    37. can’t wait for Mythbusterrrrrrrs. *dances* 8:45 PM Nov 18th from Chirp
    38. IS IT TIME TO GO HOME YET. GAWD. 3:02 PM Nov 18th from web
    39. Who wants to go on an adventure to JoAnn Fabrics with me on Saturday? 9:28 AM Nov 18th from web
    40. Just got RTed by a knitting pattern twitter. Probably not what you had in mind, guys. 7:54 AM Nov 18th from web
    41. I have a v. LAN Admin look today: Knit top, corduroys, messenger bag. Sensible shoes. Who’s gonna let me remote-access their machine? TWSS. 7:48 AM Nov 18th from web
    42. Kind of lovely, in a sad way. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GzKJCVJHcbk 12:06 PM Nov 17th from web
    43. And then I ended the day with a bang! Not too shabby. 6:21 PM Nov 16th from Chirp
    44. Okay, so apparently I really needed some vitamin C. Hello, sanity! 12:49 PM Nov 16th from web
    46. my morning: missed alarm, herded 4 dogs, ripped stocking, missed shuttle, hiked 1/4 mile in kitten heels, VIPs touring, down an NP. Hi. 8:36 AM Nov 16th from web
    47. Should probably eat more than ice cream for dinner… 9:13 PM Nov 15th from Chirp
    48. Lester is dreaming hilariously. Little yips and scrabbling legs. <3 dogs. 10:23 AM Nov 15th from Chirp
    49. got everything accomplished today that I needed to, apart from a load of laundry that wasn’t really important. Being an adult ftw! 10:51 PM Nov 14th from Chirp
    50. finally got my google reader to zero. In other news, I need a life. :D 10:13 AM Nov 14th from Chirp
    51. Cannot stop listening to “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” by CCR. 9:11 PM Nov 13th from Chirp
    52. Persepolis [film] has me balling my eyes out. In an oddly cathartic way. 7:28 PM Nov 13th from Chirp
    53. I have pink shoes on today. Nothing can go wrong when you are wearing pink shoes, right? 11:34 AM Nov 13th from web
    54. oh noes! Harry Potter and Star Trek are BOTH up for Favorite Movie for the People’s Choice! WHICH TO CHOOSE. 8:03 AM Nov 13th from web
    55. loff books! http://bit.ly/2aHXfs 5:57 PM Nov 12th from Chirp
    56. today is a monumental day: ZERO NASOPHARYNGEAL ASPIRATES. TAKE THAT, H1N1. TAKE THAT RIGHT IN THE PANTS. 3:54 PM Nov 12th from web
    57. this coffee would be better if I had cake. #subliminalcakemessage 12:46 PM Nov 12th from web
    58. gmail ad this morning [what do they think i do?]: Tactical Helmet Cameras – Tactical-grade helmet cameras for field of action. Built tough! 8:11 AM Nov 12th from web
    59. confession time: I… I kind of love Lady Gaga. 8:42 PM Nov 11th from Chirp
    60. Last night in bed I thought of a great bit of dialog for a story I’m writing, AND NOW I CAN’T REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS. GAWD. 8:29 AM Nov 11th from web
    61. Having a nerd fight with Casey in binary. I love my friends! 3:07 PM Nov 10th from web
    62. baby in office – cue ladies all a-dither. 8:20 AM Nov 10th from web
    63. My amazon payphrase today is “Mary’s Kingly Vigor”. That’s what she said… 9:15 PM Nov 8th from Chirp
    64. Ate like forty hash browns this morning. Then went into food coma. <3 brunches with friends. :D 5:13 PM Nov 8th from Chirp
    65. http://twitpic.com/omrp9 – Because the internet demanded it… 12:39 PM Nov 7th from TwitPic
    66. http://twitpic.com/omkfj – Lester isn’t a fan of the cold. 11:50 AM Nov 7th from TwitPic
    67. Every time i listen to the song my ringtone used to be based on, Lester sits up and barks. Hilarious! [andrew bird – imitosis, fyi] 10:58 AM Nov 7th from Chirp
    68. Chipoltle is the best drunk food. Period. Thanks, Aunt Amy! 8:32 PM Nov 6th from Chirp
    69. I wish Stargate SG-1 was still on so I could pitch an episode. *sigh* Atlantis would do, too. 1:48 PM Nov 6th from web
    70. omgomg nine hours to #mythbusters! What would I do if there was no Discovery channel? […possibly become a contributing member of society?] 11:52 AM Nov 4th from web
    71. Just did the running-man through the office. Feelin’ kinda giddy. 1:31 PM Nov 3rd from web
    72. http://twitpic.com/o2o4o – I have crazy bags under my eyes. Early to bed tonight! …after I watch a million eps of ST: TOS. 8:27 PM Nov 2nd from TwitPic
    73. some days, there’s just not enough coffee in the world. 1:03 PM Nov 2nd from web
    74. Really feeling the Cam Mitchell love right now. <3 Stargate. Next year I am going to be a red-haired Vala for Halloween. 8:43 PM Nov 1st from Chirp


Chinese Gardens 29
Portland Chinese Gardens, January 2009


Ines Fazlic, my goofiest, nuttiest friend.

How can you erase the thousand little strands that connect you with someone? A hundred instant messenger conversations and photos and text messages. Inside jokes for days and days.

She said outloud things that everyone was thinking to themselves. She told me once that it’s okay, it’s okay to be who I am. And she was absolutely and unapologetically who she was.

She was a life. She was a beautiful, vibrant life. And she’s gone now, and all we can do is remember her.

Ina, I will know who you are forever. <3

Ina in Paris

Vacation follow-up

So, I didn’t take a single picture, as I’ve mentioned before, but my friends did [and did well], so here’s a peek at theirs:

Lindley’s post and photostream .

And a picture of me reading [I did that a lot] by Don:

I call it “Creepy stalker photo in Sepia”. I think it’s funny, though. Jamaila talks a bit more about our doings on this post.

I can’t get over how green and lush it was. I love Garrett County.


melbourne, may 2006.