So, I finally grew up and got my dream desk this weekend. It’s DELIGHTFUL. Also, enormous.

Achievement unlocked: dream desk.

It’s from Ikea! It tilts! And it’s got a broad, clean surface so I can sew and tinker and build things and destroy things and it is easy to clean [SUPER important] and I am just so happy I could burst.

Who else here has their grown-up dream desks set up? Whats your favorite part? Show me pictures!

Happy things – January Edition

Things that are making me happy today:

What about you lot? What’s making you smile today?

blah blah twitter blah blah.

I want to blog, but I don’t want to complain about my bad day, which is all I can think of to blog right now, so I’ll just paste all of my tweets from the month of November instead. All I took out were my replies.

Oh, and I have no idea how to put this behind a cut. You’re welcome. [eta: I totes figured out jumps, so you’re welcome AGAIN.]

    1. I just keep watching over nad over… 6:38 PM Nov 30th from Chirp
    2. I held my hair up all day with a pen! \o/ 6:07 PM Nov 30th from Chirp
    3. Would you rather [Daniel Jackson remix]: Be stuck in 3000BC, die of radiation poisoning, or stabbed by a replicator? 12:34 PM Nov 30th from web
    4. I just generated a #TweetCloud out of a year of my tweets. Top three words: love, coffee, okay – 12:05 PM Nov 30th from Tweet Cloud
    5. Okay, so, if the combined bulk of my wallet and phone are all that’s keeping my pants up, maybe it’s time to buy a belt? 8:34 AM Nov 30th from web
    6. Lester is sleeping on my chest and I dun wanna moooove. Why is Baltimore not right here? 5:24 PM Nov 29th from Chirp
    7. My Momma is making me grilled cheese. YAYE MOM SAMMICHES! 3:36 PM Nov 29th from Chirp
    8. Zombie Strippers is truly a feat of cinematographic wonder. 11:31 PM Nov 28th from Chirp
    9. Napping in sunbeams with my dog. Loff Delaware. 11:32 AM Nov 28th from Chirp
    10. It’s very quiet, all of a sudden. I miss the fellas! 10:10 AM Nov 28th from Chirp
    11. Have had 2 1/2 cups of coffee, 4 glasses of water, and a root beer, for no real reason. #totallyhavetopee #wtfwasithinking #toomanyfluids 1:18 PM Nov 27th from web
    12. How would you rather go: Blaze of glory [create your own scenario], accidental land-mine, or faulty parachute? 9:12 AM Nov 27th from web
    13. Happy black friday, I’m at work and someone brought in donuts! At least I’m not in retail! 9:04 AM Nov 27th from web
    14. Oh god so much food and family. I love thanksgiving SO MUCH. 5:44 PM Nov 26th from Chirp
    15. It’s a thanksgiving madhouse here! YAYE FOODZ. 11:44 AM Nov 26th from Chirp
    16. RT: NatlAquarium Safer in water than on land, cows kill nearly 10 times as many humans as sharks do! 9:49 AM Nov 24th from TweetDeckRetweeted by you and 8 others
    17. Had my coffee straight-away this morning, so things haven’t been as interesting. 9:08 AM Nov 25th from web
    18. Which would you rather survive: Zombie Apocalypse, Robot Uprising, or Nuclear War. Why? 2:44 PM Nov 24th from web
    19. I sort of want to learn how to shoot. Not for any nefarious purposes, but just to be able to say that I can. Guns terrify me, tho. 10:59 AM Nov 24th from web
    20. a woman in the hall keeps making incredulous “whew” noises AND IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY. SHUT UP SHUT UP. Oh, I haven’t had coffee yet… >.> 8:26 AM Nov 24th from web
    21. Was just asked for a fork, and when I said no, they asked how I eat my lunch. I wanted to say face-down in the bowl, but she walked away. 3:50 PM Nov 23rd from web
    22. I has a Coca-Cola. Ahhhhhhhh. The day is worth living again. <3 12:24 PM Nov 23rd from web
    23. Dreamed last night that @jsmooth995 was swinging me around in circles by my arm and leg. Bzuh?7:51 AM Nov 23rd from web
    24. – Lester is the coziest. 9:04 PM Nov 22nd from TwitPic
    25. didn’t do a damn thing today, and it was delicious. 8:24 PM Nov 22nd from Chirp
    26. After exhaustive research [two nights of playing], I have concluded that I am better at Guitar Hero than I am at Rock Band. Carry on. 10:43 AM Nov 22nd from Chirp
    27. Just spilled Chicken Badam Pasanda on my sweater, shirt, AND my pants. Guess I’m not wearing this out later! 4:17 PM Nov 21st from Chirp
    28. RT: NatlAquarium So much more to love! An octopus has three hearts. 12:02 PM Nov 19th from TweetDeckRetweeted by you and 3 others
    29. FREE BAGELS WOT. Loff today. 10:20 AM Nov 20th from web
    30. RT: ess_jay What I do in between calls . . . 7:12 PM Nov 19th from TweetieRetweeted by you
    31. Oh my god, that first sip of coffee in the morning is just too amazing to put into words. #totallyaddicted 8:10 AM Nov 20th from web
    32. So annoyed that I missed the broomball victory! I did make pie, though. That’s a win, right? 12:14 AM Nov 20th from Chirp
    33. Was just frustrated again in my quest for a mocha by a broken cappuccino machine! Clearly I am not meant to enjoy chocolate-coffee goodness! 2:41 PM Nov 19th from web
    34. Just called housekeeping re: an empty hand-sanitizer dispenser. Felt like I was turning in a fugitive. 2:04 PM Nov 19th from web
    35. Want a mocha so baaaaad. Must. Save. Money. Is it lunch yet? 9:55 AM Nov 19th from web
    36. I’ve given it a lot of thought, and I would totally volunteer for a one-way mission to Mars. 9:36 PM Nov 18th from web
    37. can’t wait for Mythbusterrrrrrrs. *dances* 8:45 PM Nov 18th from Chirp
    38. IS IT TIME TO GO HOME YET. GAWD. 3:02 PM Nov 18th from web
    39. Who wants to go on an adventure to JoAnn Fabrics with me on Saturday? 9:28 AM Nov 18th from web
    40. Just got RTed by a knitting pattern twitter. Probably not what you had in mind, guys. 7:54 AM Nov 18th from web
    41. I have a v. LAN Admin look today: Knit top, corduroys, messenger bag. Sensible shoes. Who’s gonna let me remote-access their machine? TWSS. 7:48 AM Nov 18th from web
    42. Kind of lovely, in a sad way. 12:06 PM Nov 17th from web
    43. And then I ended the day with a bang! Not too shabby. 6:21 PM Nov 16th from Chirp
    44. Okay, so apparently I really needed some vitamin C. Hello, sanity! 12:49 PM Nov 16th from web
    46. my morning: missed alarm, herded 4 dogs, ripped stocking, missed shuttle, hiked 1/4 mile in kitten heels, VIPs touring, down an NP. Hi. 8:36 AM Nov 16th from web
    47. Should probably eat more than ice cream for dinner… 9:13 PM Nov 15th from Chirp
    48. Lester is dreaming hilariously. Little yips and scrabbling legs. <3 dogs. 10:23 AM Nov 15th from Chirp
    49. got everything accomplished today that I needed to, apart from a load of laundry that wasn’t really important. Being an adult ftw! 10:51 PM Nov 14th from Chirp
    50. finally got my google reader to zero. In other news, I need a life. :D 10:13 AM Nov 14th from Chirp
    51. Cannot stop listening to “Have You Ever Seen the Rain?” by CCR. 9:11 PM Nov 13th from Chirp
    52. Persepolis [film] has me balling my eyes out. In an oddly cathartic way. 7:28 PM Nov 13th from Chirp
    53. I have pink shoes on today. Nothing can go wrong when you are wearing pink shoes, right? 11:34 AM Nov 13th from web
    54. oh noes! Harry Potter and Star Trek are BOTH up for Favorite Movie for the People’s Choice! WHICH TO CHOOSE. 8:03 AM Nov 13th from web
    55. loff books! 5:57 PM Nov 12th from Chirp
    56. today is a monumental day: ZERO NASOPHARYNGEAL ASPIRATES. TAKE THAT, H1N1. TAKE THAT RIGHT IN THE PANTS. 3:54 PM Nov 12th from web
    57. this coffee would be better if I had cake. #subliminalcakemessage 12:46 PM Nov 12th from web
    58. gmail ad this morning [what do they think i do?]: Tactical Helmet Cameras – Tactical-grade helmet cameras for field of action. Built tough! 8:11 AM Nov 12th from web
    59. confession time: I… I kind of love Lady Gaga. 8:42 PM Nov 11th from Chirp
    60. Last night in bed I thought of a great bit of dialog for a story I’m writing, AND NOW I CAN’T REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS. GAWD. 8:29 AM Nov 11th from web
    61. Having a nerd fight with Casey in binary. I love my friends! 3:07 PM Nov 10th from web
    62. baby in office – cue ladies all a-dither. 8:20 AM Nov 10th from web
    63. My amazon payphrase today is “Mary’s Kingly Vigor”. That’s what she said… 9:15 PM Nov 8th from Chirp
    64. Ate like forty hash browns this morning. Then went into food coma. <3 brunches with friends. :D 5:13 PM Nov 8th from Chirp
    65. – Because the internet demanded it… 12:39 PM Nov 7th from TwitPic
    66. – Lester isn’t a fan of the cold. 11:50 AM Nov 7th from TwitPic
    67. Every time i listen to the song my ringtone used to be based on, Lester sits up and barks. Hilarious! [andrew bird – imitosis, fyi] 10:58 AM Nov 7th from Chirp
    68. Chipoltle is the best drunk food. Period. Thanks, Aunt Amy! 8:32 PM Nov 6th from Chirp
    69. I wish Stargate SG-1 was still on so I could pitch an episode. *sigh* Atlantis would do, too. 1:48 PM Nov 6th from web
    70. omgomg nine hours to #mythbusters! What would I do if there was no Discovery channel? […possibly become a contributing member of society?] 11:52 AM Nov 4th from web
    71. Just did the running-man through the office. Feelin’ kinda giddy. 1:31 PM Nov 3rd from web
    72. – I have crazy bags under my eyes. Early to bed tonight! …after I watch a million eps of ST: TOS. 8:27 PM Nov 2nd from TwitPic
    73. some days, there’s just not enough coffee in the world. 1:03 PM Nov 2nd from web
    74. Really feeling the Cam Mitchell love right now. <3 Stargate. Next year I am going to be a red-haired Vala for Halloween. 8:43 PM Nov 1st from Chirp

Karma gets you pastry.

Twenty-five things for which I am thankful, in no particular order:

– Coffee mugs from California.
– My cellular telephone.
– My laptop computer.
– My favorite turquoise necklace.
– My zombie messenger bag.
– My imagination.
– Science Fiction.
– My ID badge that gets me into doors marked “Authorized Personnel Only” because that’s a secret thrill even after five years.
– Scrapple.
– Secret corridors.
– Goofy action movies.
– Eggplants.
– My Kitchen-aide five-speed hand-mixer with milk-shake attachment. It probably has a proper title, but I use it for milk-shakes. So there.
– Hyphens.
– Punctuation in general, even if I abuse it horribly.
– My health.
– Words.
– People.
– Old Navy. It’s actually a problem. A delightful, brightly-colored problem with clean lines and thoughtful design.
– My family.
– My dog.
– Music.
– My friends. Even the ones that make me want to pull my own hair out. They keep it interesting.
– Dark, hoppy beer.
– Ramen noodles.
– Love.

Obviously this is just a random assortment. I’m thankful for basically everything in my life, even the inconveniences and complications. It builds character, and I am all about character development.


EDIT: I’ve taken this story down in the hopes that I can get it published. Thanks for the wonderful comments on it, you guys are awesome.