Thanks for all the lols, 2012

Holy cow, y’all. What a year. I mean really. Just a stupendous amount happened.

I started the year off in a beautiful new house, full of happiness and relief to be leaving the shittiest shithole that was ever shat in. Turns out I’ll be leaving the beautiful new house again much sooner than anticipated, but I’ll get into that later because it PERTAINS TO THE REST OF THE YEAR.

Next, I met the best person in the entire world, only I didn’t understand it right then and we wasted a bit of time “getting to know each other” and “being friends.” Pff, whatever. We’re totally shacking up together starting in February, so that’s what “taking things slow” gets you.

After/during all that, I adopted a cat, changed jobs, started actually dating previously stated love, had to give my cat away, was told our house was being sold, decided to move in with the fella, ate a lot of great food, met some great people, had some great parties, read some great books, saw a lot of movies [see “getting to know each other” and “being friends”], had some good naps.

After enjoying this year so much, I am enthusiastically looking forward to the next one, which I expect to be filled with much more of the same, only less of the “being friendly” and more of the “being in love.”

My friends had babies, got married, got engaged, got pregnant, got books published, broke up, lost family, lost friends, learned about themselves.

A million happy, sad, important little events occurred that make the time we spend here on Earth worth it. We re-elected our President! We landed a robot on Mars! We published books and learned more about our planet and inspired hundreds of thousands of people to do good things for each other simply because they should.

I love being human. I love my fellow humans. I wish all my planet-mates a safe, healthy, happy new year full of the very best ups and downs that life has to offer.

And hopefully a few more naps. One can never have too many, you know.


Pickled Rind and Fruit.

Today I found a treasure.

When my Grandmother’s house was being emptied, I asked for one of her copies of The Joy of Cooking. My mother gave me the 1951 edition, where bacon drippings were a regular ingredient of corn bread, and you had to mix your own baking powder.

I was thumbing through it, looking up a recipe for macaroons, when I found a slip of paper tucked inside the pickles.

It was my Grandmother’s notes, for 2 1/2 pounds.

2 1/2 C water
2 1/2 C vindegar
5 C sugar
7 1/2 in stick cinnamon
20 cloves

I don’t know which recipe it was meant for, tomato catsup or corn relish or apple chutney. It may have been watermelon pickle or pickled peaches.

All I know is that it was written on the back of a dental extraction form [my grandfather was a dentist, though it’s not from his practice.] and it smells like their house did.

Merry Christmas. <3

Gramma's Note 2
Gramma's Note

Karma gets you pastry.

Twenty-five things for which I am thankful, in no particular order:

– Coffee mugs from California.
– My cellular telephone.
– My laptop computer.
– My favorite turquoise necklace.
– My zombie messenger bag.
– My imagination.
– Science Fiction.
– My ID badge that gets me into doors marked “Authorized Personnel Only” because that’s a secret thrill even after five years.
– Scrapple.
– Secret corridors.
– Goofy action movies.
– Eggplants.
– My Kitchen-aide five-speed hand-mixer with milk-shake attachment. It probably has a proper title, but I use it for milk-shakes. So there.
– Hyphens.
– Punctuation in general, even if I abuse it horribly.
– My health.
– Words.
– People.
– Old Navy. It’s actually a problem. A delightful, brightly-colored problem with clean lines and thoughtful design.
– My family.
– My dog.
– Music.
– My friends. Even the ones that make me want to pull my own hair out. They keep it interesting.
– Dark, hoppy beer.
– Ramen noodles.
– Love.

Obviously this is just a random assortment. I’m thankful for basically everything in my life, even the inconveniences and complications. It builds character, and I am all about character development.


EDIT: I’ve taken this story down in the hopes that I can get it published. Thanks for the wonderful comments on it, you guys are awesome.

Screw you, Thursday.

So. So.

So, my car failed it’s inspection in Delaware because of a brake light. Which means I’m driving my mothers car right now. And this morning on the way home from my parent’s house [In Delaware, wot I left at 5:30 this morning], I got messed up when 95 and 895 split because they swapped sides of the road so I ended up going too far on 95 and panicked when I saw signs for the tunnel because I had no money for the toll, so I had to turn around at the PORT GODDAMN OF BALTIMORE IN GODDAMN DUNDALK. But I still managed to get to work on time, early even, for a staff meeting, and then when I manage to get a moment to sign in and check my e-mail, I find a message from my mom telling me that their cat died not two hours after I left.

What. Fresh. Hell.

I would like to be posting something positive, I really would. But all I can see right now are annoying, crappy things and the best thing that’s happened to me today was lunch.

At least it’s raining. I like the rain.

After the wedding…

Henry’s wedding came and went, and I had a fabulous time, despite my quarter-life crisis. ;)

It was a GORGEOUS wedding, and my cousin and his new bride make quite the handsome couple.

I got to see my sister! I miss her terribly. We’re flanked by our Uncle John and our Great-Aunt Gertrude.

With my goofy cousin, Andrew.

Parents of the groom.

My folks!

My momma and her two brothers.

My cousin, Holly, Henry’s sister.

The happy couple!!

My introspective funk went away [open bar] and my Pops took this photo of me in front of the river.

All around lovely day.