So, I finally grew up and got my dream desk this weekend. It’s DELIGHTFUL. Also, enormous.

Achievement unlocked: dream desk.

It’s from Ikea! It tilts! And it’s got a broad, clean surface so I can sew and tinker and build things and destroy things and it is easy to clean [SUPER important] and I am just so happy I could burst.

Who else here has their grown-up dream desks set up? Whats your favorite part? Show me pictures!

lalala party times

Tried to throw a rager for twenty on saturday, which then turned into an intimate dinner party for five. Was very good all the same – Dogfish has started putting out their springy hoppy beers, and I must say that I indulged in a few. A fantastic and delightful evening.

Then, on Sunday, once I overcame the inevitable hangover, I went over to Leah and Marc’s and we started brewin’! We made a batch of mead and some sorrel wine, which should be FANTASTIC in a few months. Sorrel is a hibiscus that is very popular in the carribbean for drinks. We boiled water, sugar, those dried flowers and some cinnamon and cloves, and it smelled like chrismas! Very deep purple, too. Can’t wait!

I’m over my dissappointment with Watchmen. It’s cool, it’s hollywood. I’ll just pick and choose the imagery I enjoyed, and it will help fuel my future re-readings of the book.

lalala lovely lovely weekend! How were yours? Report!


Went to the American Craft Council Show today with Rosemary. IT WAS SO COMPLETELY AWESOME YOU HAVE NO IDEA. So much stuff! So much AMAZING STUFF. I ended up buying some wooden chopsticks and a matching little bitty salt spoon because I have no salt shaker [Ahem, Dad.] and generally end up filling a shot glass and putting it in the middle of the table at dinner parties. Now I’ll have a SPOON, too!

Good Times.

I wish that I was a millionaire so that I could have bought some of the delightful things we saw. Gorgeous textiles!! I want all the scarves ever.

Also, I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but Ralphie from A Christmas Story is in Iron Man. He’s one of the scientists working for Obidiah to make the miniature Arc Reactor.

Don’t believe me? Check this shit out: Peter Billingsley.

I’ve now watched Iron Man three times in two days. I think it’s time to send it back to Netflix. I LOVE YOU, ROBERT DOWNEY JR. If you need a baby, I am your girl. I will birth them for you like a champ.

The End.