Everyone got married. (Including me!)

Well, SO MUCH has happened since my last update that it seems a bit intimidating to catalogue it all. So I’m not gonna. Instead, you get a bunch of Instagram posts.

I snuggled a baby!

Olive remained adorable, as per usual.

Ryan’s cousin got married!

I did a NAMI Walk!

We went to MORE weddings!

My friends and family threw me a GORGEOUS shower.

…And a bachelorette party.

We planned the wedding.

More weddings!

Ryan’s sister got married, too!

Alisa and Lee got married, too! Now they’re pregnant!

I dressed up as a skeleton for Halloween.

And I did more wedding prep.


And went on our honeymoon to St Lucia.

I kept on trucking with school and managed to keep my grades up despite all the wedding prep.

Olive continued her cute streak.

AAAAAAAAND that brings us pretty current. I’m still in school, Ryan’s about to get his PMP certification, and we’re preparing for some more weddings this fall! SO MANY WEDDINGS. I turned thirty this week and I was reminded about a post I made a few years agoย on the eve of one of my cousin’s weddings. So much has changed! Life is pretty sweet, and I’m pretty confident it will continue on the same sweet path.


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