“If you keep a thing seven years, you are sure to find a use for it.”

Sir Walter Scott said that.

Let’s set the scene, shall we?  The year was 2005, the day: June 1st.  I packed my clothes, books, and any other random crap I thought I would need into my 1994 Nissan Sentra [attack seatbelts, no airbags] and shuffled my way down to Baltimore City for a grand adventure.

Seven years have passed, and oh my goodness, what a marvelous time I’ve had.

I’ve lost people, pets, cars, apartments.  I have made a million friends, fallen in and out of love [way too] many times, and gotten a stupid amount of self discovery accomplished.

You may think it’s silly, to celebrate an anniversary with a city, but I think you should always honor your great loves.

And so I honor Baltimore.  I feel pretty confident when I say that she’s found a use for me.  <3


Ain't nobody ruining that kid's day. (I love Baltimore so goddamn much)


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