So, it’s my birthday on Wednesday. I am turning twenty-five.


I’m really trying to keep it together, here, but guys. I am turning twenty-five. This is kind of a Deal! I am one-quarter of a century old! I can rent a car!

In five years I will be thirty!

But I’m not going to let myself dwell on that. Besides, I welcome aging with open arms and affection. I am so ready for my age to match my age. Does that make sense? I’m talking to all those folks out there whose friends group is five to ten years older than you. The ones that go to parties and avoid talking about your age for as long as possible. All you kids who get, “But you’re just a baby!” and “Holy crap you’re so young!” whenever we let it slip that, actually, we weren’t alive when that movie/album/cartoon came out, sorry.

It’s one of my pet peeves, I guess.

But anyway, gettin’ older. I really am enjoying it, even the surreal moments.

[Holy crap, twenty-five!]


6 thoughts on “Twenty-five.

  1. i am both amused and appalled. My baby sister! turning twenty-five! i am old! but seriously, this is the age when i started really looking at my life thus far and where i wanted to be heading. once i got over the freak out, my mid-to-late twenties were an exiting time. i am definitely not the same person i was then. not to say you are flawed and need to change your life, but you are about to go through some amazing experiences. embrace them!

  2. Thank you, Katie. It's really really really nice knowing that you went through all this nonsense and you're still [relatively] sane! Yaye for aging!

  3. Youth is wasted on the young. Not sure who said it buy never were truer words spoken.Live how you want to live. Don't wait to do something because time moves faster as you get older.

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