Thinkin’ bout religion.

So, as much as I avoid thinking too hard about organized religion, it is often in my thoughts for various reasons. and today I decided to gorge myself on the archives of a webcomic called “pictures for sad children“, and came across this particular comic.

It pretty much sums up my most basic thoughts about religion. I don’t mean God. I couldn’t begin to explain my views on God or any higher powers, but one fact I always come around to when I am mulling it over, is that I don’t want to scream my views on the street corner. I don’t want to discuss it with my coworkers, or explain it to strangers on the street. I know I am doing just that with this post, but somehow it feels differently. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t want to hear what I have to say, so perhaps that’s the biggest difference.

So, what it comes down to for me is love. I love you. If there is God, they probably love you. Even if you hate me, I probably love you anyway. It’s something that I sometimes actively struggle to do, because there is a lot of hate and apathy in the world. But I believe that it is important to get down in there and love someone really hard.

So I do, every chance that I get. <3

Happy Father’s Day, y’all. I hope that everyone’s fathers are lovable, and if they aren’t, I hope that you have someone else to love instead.


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