getting ready for halloween [photos]

i’m throwing a fancy dress partay! i’m so excited. i’m actually throwing the party because i wanted an excuse to wear the costume i thought up the other day. i’m going to be amphitrite! i love greek mythology.

i’m going to wear a chiton with lots of strips of different colors of green and blue and i’m going to use shells as shoulder-broaches. i’ll use some blue make-up to paint swirls and things on my face, and lots of shimmery glitter on my arms and legs. i experimented with my hair the other day, and this is the result:

those are strings of freshwater pearls that i bought from my pals over at anapurna

a little closer in. i’ll have to take a less-blurry shot of my earrings. i got them at the ren fest last weekend and i ADORE them.

this was me trying to take a photo of the back. i didn’t have a great angle, but i liked the photo anyway. it’s got a sort of movement to it.

i’m going to dress lester up as a fish. HA. GET IT. i am really excited about this costume, you have NO IDEA.


2 thoughts on “getting ready for halloween [photos]

  1. You are going to be stunning. Wow.(I’m pondering dressing up as Not a Nice Girl, although I’m totally stumped as to how Raymond could be Not a Nice Boy. Given that he is one and all.)

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