taxes and junk

i love living in the city, but it means my taxes are hiiiigh. not only that, but work hasn’t been taking enough out of my paycheck, so i owed $1231 for my federal and state taxes together this year. not the most pleased dutiful taxpayer, here.

but, when i went to the post office today, they had postal workers stationed around the building grounds with letter boxes so you could just run up and drop your mail in. the man who collected mine as i drove past just had the biggest smile on his face, like he was genuinely pleased to be standing out in the hot sun all day, collecting envelopes from disgruntled people. he grinned and i grinned, and it made me feel v. positive about the whole situation.

yes, i had to fork over a lot of money, but i’m sanguine. maybe i’ll see that money again one day when i’m old and rheumy. if obama gets elected so my social security will be safe. it means there might be less potholes on the street for driving my jetta on. kids may get to have free lunch. the school down the street might get a new playground.

it means i can call the police and know that someone will come and help me.

so, i’m happy to pay my taxes, and i’m happy knowing my city’s postal workers are enthusiastic about their jobs.

i’m just happy.


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