music and limbs.

life came and kicked me in the butt this past …month. but i’ve been thinking about music and living in a city for the first time in my life, and i’ve started putting together a soundtrack. inspired largely by my daily commute to and from work, where two minutes of it are spent riding down Saint LΓ΄ through clifton park, which is an absolutely beatiful area. my favorite two minutes of my day.

the gate house they speak of is now closed-off with a chain-link fence, but i’d dearly like to sneak inside and take pictures. there are vines growing on the (eight!) walls and i can see large, rectangular pits in the floor. very lovely, actually.

there’s also a white outdoor ampitheater set into the distance. methinks i should drag some of my more musically inclined friends down for an impromtu concert. word! (how’s that for a nice, round segue?)

so, in light of the lovely scenery of baltimore, i’ve put together this rotating soundtrack.

carnival – tori amos.
sleeping sattelite – tasmin archer.
song for a winter’s night – sarah mclachlan.
gabriel (nellee hooper remix) – lamb.
things behind the sun – nick drake.
haunted – poe.
la dispute – amelie soundtrack.

and things of that various nature.

also, the other day on my walk down monument street, a homeless man asked me where is pants were. i gave him an orange and suggested they (the pants wot he was missing) were in the hospital. and today i hailed a taxi for a man with prosthetic arms and legs.

i love this city.


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